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The Applied Polymer Technology Extension Consortium was originally created by an act of the Louisiana Legislature as a university-affiliated, not-for-profit, state-sanctioned engine of economic development, research, teaching and outreach. APTEC now enjoys all the freedom of any other non-profit and combines the physical and human resources of polymer-strong universities along the Gulf Coast. Unlike a government bureaucracy, APTEC operates at the speed of business. Universities benefit as APTEC scientists mine great ideas for long-term, fundamental study. APTEC provides swift and expert evaluation of intellectual property potential. APTEC is also engaged in community improvement and development of a new generation of entrepreneurs.


To use regional academic infrastructure to foster research, improve the economy, tackle the most exciting fundamental problems and train students.


To be the "go to" resource for polymer science and engineering education, research, and business opportunity.


To attract talented individuals to polymer science, retain them and teach them to develop wealth through good ideas, sound business practices and camaraderie.

APTEC Profile

APTEC originated in the south-central US, but members can come from anywhere. They are often employed by universities or businesses, but when someone participates in an APTEC function, those affiliations are left at the door to pursue the greater good. Some of the most frequent affiliations are: LSU, Tulane, Southern, University of Louisiana-Lafayette, University of Southern Mississippi, Grambling, Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies.